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Welcome to the Pokemon TCG wiki. We’re a collaborative community website about the Pokemon Trading Card Game that anyone, including you, can edit. Click the edit button at the top of any page to get started!

About this wikiEdit

This wiki talk about all the Pokemon Cards in Existence. We also talk about the Pokemon TCG Sets:

Base Set (January 9th 1999)

Jungle (June 16th 1999)

Fossil (October 10th 1999)

Base Set 2 (February 24th 2000)

Team Rocket (April 24th 2000)

Gym Heroes (August 14th 2000)

Gym Challenge (October 16th 2000)

Neo Genesis (December 16th 2000)

Neo Discovery (June 1st 2001)

Neo Revelation (September 21st 2001)

Neo Destiny (February 28th 2002)

Legendary Collection (May 24th 2002)

Expedition Base Set (September 15th 2002)

Aquapolis (January 15th 2003)

Skyridge (May 12th 2003)

EX Ruby and Sapphire (June 18th 2003)

EX Sandstorm (September 17th 2003)

EX Dragons (November 24th 2003)

EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua (March 15th 2004)

EX Hidden Legends (June 14th 2004)

EX Fire Red Leaf Green (August 30th 2004)

EX Team Rocket Returns (November 8th 2004)

EX Deoxys (February 14th 2005)

EX Emerald (May 9th 2005)

EX Unseen Forces (August 22nd 2005)

EX Delta Species (October 31st 2005)

EX Legend Maker (February 13th 2006)

EX Holon Phantoms (May 3rd 2006)

EX Crystal Guardians (August 30th 2006)

EX Dragon Frontiers (November 8th 2006)

EX Power Keepers (February 14th 2007)

Diamond and Pearl (May 23rd 2007)

DP Mysterious Treasures (August 22nd 2007)

DP Secret Wonders (November 7th 2007)

DP Great Encounters (February 13th 2008)

DP Majestic Dawn (May 21st 2008)

DP Legends Awakened (August 20th 2008)

DP Stormfront (November 8th 2008)

Platinum (February 11th 2009)

PL Rising Rivals (May 20th 2009)

PL Supreme Victors (August 19th 2009)

PL Arceus (November 4th 2009)

Heart Gold Soul Silver (February 10th 2010)

HS Unleashed (May 12th 2010)

HS Undaunted (August 18th 2010)

HS Triumphant (November 2nd 2010)

Call of Legends (February 9th 2011)

Black and White (April 25th 2011)

BW Emerging Powers (August 31st 2011)

BW Noble Victories (November 16th 2011)

BW Next Destinies (February 8th 2012)

BW Dark Explorers (May 9th 2012)

BW Dragons Exalted (August 15th 2012)

BW Boundaries Crossed (November 7th 2012)

BW Plasma Storm (February 6th 2013)

BW Plasma Freeze (May 8th 2013)

BW Plasma Blast (August 14th 2013)

BW Legendary Treasures (November 6th 2013)

XY Base Set (February 5th 2014)

XY Flashfire (May 7th 2014)

XY Furious Fists (August 13th 2014)

XY Phantom Forces (November 5th 2014)

XY Primal Clash (February 4th 2015)

XY Roaring Skies (May 6th 2015)

XY Ancient Origins (August 12th 2015)

XY BREAK Through (November 4th 2015)

XY BREAK Point (February 3rd 2016)

XY Generations (February 22nd 2016)

XY Fates Collide (May 4th 2016)

XY Steam Siege (August 3rd 2016)

XY Evolutions (November 2nd 2016)

Sun and Moon (February 3rd 2017)

Latest activityEdit

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